Posted in: Living Posted on: Feb 24th, 2015

Tear Your Kids Away from the TV in Lexington, KY

In an era of video games, streaming TV, and computers small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s no wonder that many kids prefer staying in to going out. But you won’t have to prod them to explore Lexington with you. At least, not if you mention going to any of these kid-friendly things to do in Lexington, Kentucky before you leave your home at Chinoe Creek Apartments.

Parks and Fresh-Air Fun

If you’re going to the trouble of loading up the van with your whole clan, you might as well get them out in the sunshine and fresh air. Lexington boasts a slew of outdoor attractions that will likely suit your whole family, adults and kids alike.

When you live in Kentucky, it’s impossible to ignore the racetracks, but they’re not exactly family-friendly. That is, unless you go to Kentucky Horse Park, which doubles as an interactive farm and museum. Meet and greet the champion steeds that live on the farm, go for a trail ride on a pony, or explore the exhibits about horses. Then head to Evans Orchard to introduce your kids to smaller barnyard critters, including fluffy bunnies and stout potbelly pigs. They run around the play area near the corn maze, hay castle, and other child-oriented attractions.

If your kids enjoy flowers more than farm animals, take them to the Kentucky Children’s Garden at The Arboretum, part of the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky. Little ones learn about the importance of preserving natural spaces while they play with a giant compass and spraying fountains. Nearby at Jacobson Park, youngsters enjoy the sunshine on a more conventional playground, complete with castle turrets and spiraling slides.

Indoor Entertainment

Don’t let the occasional rainy or chilly day postpone family time. The city has almost as many indoor places for fun as it does outdoor attractions. Take Malibu Jack’s Family Fun Center, for instance. Activities that you typically see outside come indoors at the massive warehouse of family entertainment, from mini golf to go-kart racing to movie showings at the all-encompassing XRider Motion Theater.

Gattitown is another indoor option for families, although its space isn’t quite as expansive as Malibu Jack’s. There’s still plenty of room for its 150-plus arcade games, which range from air hockey to virtual reality video games. Nearby at Monkey Joe’s, younger kids can bounce around on colorful inflatables and zoom down cushy slides. Both family fun centers offer everything you need to spend a full day there, including simple food like fries and pizza.

Chances are that none of these spots will inspire as much awe as the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, though, and not just in little ones. The museum resides at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, and its hangars encompass a combined 25,000 squarefeet. They’re home to some of the state’s most impressive aircraft. If your child loves exploring the nooks and crannies of the airplanes in the hangars, head outside to see even more.