Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 24th, 2015

The Advantages of Short-Term Rentals

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When you know your move to Lexington, KY, is only temporary, say for work, school, or other reasons, it makes the already stressful moving process even more challenging. It doesn’t make sense to sign a year-long lease, so what should you do? A short-term rental in Lexington KY is your best bet in this kind of scenario.

Why Choose Short-Term Housing?

A short-term rental isn’t your only option if you’re looking to rent for a few weeks or months. Hotels and sublets offer short-term living arrangements, as well. So there are several things you’ll want to consider prior to signing a lease.

Think about how long you’ll be staying. Do you really want to spend several months living out of a suitcase in a hotel room? Sure, hotels are convenient, but it can get seriously expensive, and takeout and room service get old after a while.

Subletting someone’s home lets you spread out and feel more settled. But it’s still someone else’s home. And you’re responsible for whatever could go wrong.

Short-term housing allows you to have your own space and a greater sense of independence. You can relax after a long day of work in a comfortable environment that’s all yours, as opposed to a sterile hotel room or a stranger’s sublet.

Decorating Your Space

Your temporary apartment may never compare to your real home, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re stuck in a box for the next few months. Take some time to decorate. Since the move is temporary, you might not want to deal with the actual moving process, especially if you’re moving several hundred miles away. Maybe you’d rather start with a blank slate and get everything once you arrive. Whatever you’re in the market for, whether it’s furniture for every room or just a few accent pieces, it helps to know Lexington’s local furniture stores. Burke Furniture, Havertys and Oak Factory have quality, well-made pieces for every room. If you’re on a budget, Lexington Overstock Warehouse and American Freight are great options.

Getting to Know Lexington

Temporary relocation is taxing, but at least you’re landing in Lexington. It’s a great city to explore, so get to know your way around. Lextran public transit has a bus service with routes that serve downtown Lexington and the surrounding areas, and they also have a downtown trolley service. Using Lextran is a great way to save money on your commute or travel safely on a night out. There are several colleges and universities in Lexington, which makes downtown that much more lively, and there are lots of things to do. Lexington’s tourism website has a top ten list of can’t-miss places to go and pre-planned itineraries to get you started.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of living in short-term housing in Lexington is having your very own kitchen. It’s hard to eat healthy and save money if you’re constantly dining out, so take control by filling your fridge at a nearby Kroger, The Fresh Market or Whole Foods Market. Although cooking is rewarding, it helps to know local restaurants in case you don’t have time to cook or want to dine out. Fortunately, there are more than 100 restaurants in Lexington to choose from.

Short-term housing is a convenient, cost-effective option for a temporary move. Having your own space will make it easier to establish a home base and give you more time to discover Lexington.