Posted in: Living Posted on: Mar 23rd, 2015

Off-Campus Housing Near the University of Kentucky

After a year or two of living on-campus in University of Kentucky student housing, you might want to see what’s available in the world beyond campus. Moving off-campus not only gives you a break from dorm life, it also lets you be a bit more independent. But there’s more that goes into finding your first place than getting a roommate and picking out a two-bedroom. Enjoy living in off-campus housing near the University of Kentucky with these tips.

What to Look For in a Place

There are a lot of things you want to look for when picking an apartment. Location is one important factor. The cost of the apartment and what is included in the rent are two more important things to consider.

Know Your Rights as a Renter

When you move into off-campus University of Kentucky graduate student housing, it might be the first time you ever have to sign a lease. Before you sign, though, it’s important to make sure you know what your rights are as a tenant, what the landlord can or can’t do, and what you might be responsible for. According to the Attorney General of Kentucky, your lease should state the amount of the rent, when it is due, how long the rental term is for, what the lease includes, and information on any late fees or other charges, and what would trigger them.


Now that you have rent to pay and other bills to worry about it, you might need to find a job to help you support yourself each month. If you have a work/study program through your financial aid package, you can use the University’s job search tool to find an open position that fits with your interests. You can also visit the Human Resources department and inquire about student positions. The HR department will conduct a screening interview and determine if you’re a good fit for any available positions.

Making the Grade

One of the advantages of moving off-campus is that there are usually fewer distractions when compared to life in the dorms. You aren’t surrounded by hundreds of college students, some of whom might be more concerned with partying than with studying. But, even with fewer things to distract you, you might find it a challenge to hunker down and study. To make sure you get your work done and commit to studying, try setting up a specific study time each day. Turn off your phone and ask your roommates for peace, so that you can get your homework and studying done. You might also find that you’re able to concentrate better if you head to the library, instead of trying to work in your apartment.

You’ll always remember your first apartment. Making sure it’s the right one for you, in terms of budget, location, and amenities, will help you better enjoy your time living off-campus.