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Living in the Fayette County School District

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Catering to residents of Lexington, Kentucky, Fayette County School District serves approximately 40,000 students and employs more than 3,000 full-time teachers. The district prides itself on dedicated employees and providing a world-class education to its students. Apartments in the Fayette School District place families in close proximity to both the public and private schools in the area.

Julius Marks Elementary School

Julius Marks Elementary School believes in providing students with a solid academic foundation from which they can grow into lifelong learners. The academic curriculum blends traditional courses such as reading, writing, math, and science with liberal arts courses such as art, band, chorus, and drama. Students develop and strengthen their knowledge through hands-on, interactive educational opportunities and extracurricular activities such as the Student Technology Leadership Program. The school educates 670 students and the student-teacher ratio is 16:1.

Morton Middle School

Morton Middle School educates 738 students and has a student-teacher ratio of 16:1. The school has high expectations of students and provides a rigorous curriculum of courses in social studies, science, math, language arts, and foreign languages. Students can take advantage of extracurricular activities such as band, chorus, computer arts, and dance. Student clubs such as Future Problem Solvers, Study Buddies, Book Club, and Chess Club provide students the opportunity to explore their interests. The school is recognized for its math program and every student takes Algebra I. Learning continues during the summer with a reading list and an optional summer math camp for students.

Henry Clay High School

Henry Clay High School has a student body of 2,380 and a student-teacher ratio of 19:1. A well-rounded selection of courses in business, citizenship, family & consumer science, math, science, and English prepare students for their careers after high school. Fifty-four percent of students are enrolled in AP courses where they can earn college credit. The school also houses the Liberal Arts Academy, a component of the gifted-and-talented program offered by the school. The Academy challenges students academically through independent study, academic mentoring and academic seminars. Extracurricular activities such as the literary magazine, psychology club, debate team, speech team, film club, and the book club offer students additional paths of exploration and development. In addition to advanced classes and extracurricular activities, the school promotes community engagement and provides opportunities for students to volunteer in their local community.

Lexington Catholic High School

Lexington Catholic High School is a private high school in the metro-Lexington area. The school currently educates 810 students and the student-teacher ratio is 14:1. The small class sizes provide the opportunity for one-on-one learning and mentoring. A rigorous academic curriculum includes classes in religion, English, math, science, computer science, economics, languages, and fine arts. Over 25 clubs are offered to students, including art, band, culinary club, outdoor club, speech club, National Honor Society, film club, and environment club. Community involvement is encouraged and the school offers community service opportunities for students.

Fayette County School District is located in the heart of metropolitan Lexington. A well-balanced program of academics and extracurricular activities is offered at the elementary, middle, and high school level. By living in Lexington, students have the opportunity to explore and develop their interests and skills in a nurturing and accepting environment.