Posted in: Living Posted on: Aug 22nd, 2016

A Guide to Where to Get Fit in Lexington

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Moving to a new city means having to create a new routine for yourself. One such healthy habit is that of working out regularly, and living in Lexington gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing a place to exercise. For a closer look at some of the top gyms, classes, and trainers in the area, check out this guide below.

Traditional Gyms

If you’re just getting started with incorporating an exercise regimen into your daily or weekly schedule, it make sense to join a traditional gym. You could go with a classic choice, like the local YMCA. YMCAs have been around for decades and offer high-quality services and facilities to communities across the nation at an affordable cost. These gyms can include state-of-the-art exercise equipment, including stationary bicycles, free weights, and other machines to aid you in proper form during your workout as well as group fitness classes, indoor pools, and personal training. There are two YMCAs in Lexington, on East High Street and West Loudon Avenue in North Lexington.

Another option, which would appeal to you if you want more flexibility in when you work out, is a 24-hour gym like Workout Anytime on Mapleleaf Drive. In addition to the usual cardio and strength training equipment, this gym offers specialized high intensity interval training machines as well as heated massage beds for when you need to soothe your tired muscles.

Another option is Snap Fitness on Clearwater Way, which is also open 24 hours. This gym sets itself apart by offering flexible membership packages so you won’t be locked into a long-term, expensive commitment.


Those looking to take their fitness to the next level may want to challenge themselves by doing CrossFit. This relatively new fitness phenomenon uses multi-disciplinary (and strenuous) routines inspired by the workout routines of top athletes done in a group setting. It’s built upon the premise that functional movement, meaning exercises that mimic the movements we do every day, combined with constant variety and high intensity, gives the best results. Now that you're living in Lexington, you have access to a highly rated CrossFit gym, CrossFit Maximus, with locations on Palumbo Drive and National Avenue in North Ashland. It has the motto, “We’re Not a Gym, We’re a Community,” a nod to the supportive vibe of CrossFit. This gym also offers boot camp classes, programs for younger kids and high schoolers, and competitive CrossFit programs, including one for women only. Whether you’re a top athlete or just your average person, the programs offered here can help you get fitter faster.

Martial Arts

If other forms of exercise bore you, you want to learn a new skill, or need to develop your self-defense techniques, joining a martial arts program may be right for you. A place like Bodyfit Punch on Virginia Avenue offers classes that take the principle techniques of kickboxing and apply them toward the goals of toning bodies and relieving stress. Lift Fitness & Wellness on East High Street offers something similar, with a boxing class designed to combat the monotony that comes with other training programs. These classes are great ways to meet new people and have fun, all while working toward your fitness goals.