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4 Delectable and Budget-Friendly Restaurants Near Campus

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The University of Kentucky is a prestigious school located in the heart of Lexington. You can obtain a major their in a number of studies, as well as receive an excellent masters education from such programs as the College of Law or the College of Medicine. As a University of Kentucky student, you are likely involved in a variety of affairs, as the University has a thriving Greek life and 350 clubs to choose from. With so many things to do for fun and school, it can be hard for university students to find time to eat, especially when they are on a budget. Luckily there is a multitude of budget-friendly restaurants near the University of Kentucky.

World-Famous Doughnuts: Spalding’s Bakery

Spalding’s Bakery is a homey establishment created in 1929 by Zelma and Bowman Spalding. It is now an infamous eatery and favorite stomping ground for UofK students who want their fill of delicious donuts and other baked goods. Even if you are not a big donut person, Spalding’s Bakery’s treats are worth a taste for their amazing crispy and warm texture and doughy center. The best part is the incredibly cheap prices and friendly service.

South Indian Food: Banana Leaf

If you are hankering for some freshly made Indian cuisine, Banana Leaf will deliver in exquisite South Indian food. For a low price, you’ll be handed a dish that is carefully attended to with spices and the ideal balance of flavors. This is also an exceptional eatery for vegetarians, as they have many delicious vegetable dishes. As a meat-eater, try their hot and spicy shrimp or mango chicken for a firework of flavors. Come during lunch for a very affordable buffet.

Good Foods Market & Café

If you are on a budget, but still want to be conscious of the raising of your food, then the Good Foods Market & Café is the ideal eatery to enjoy fresh food made with local ingredients. On top of this, you can rest easy with the assurance that the environment was maintained in its production. Good Foods Market & Café is a healthy food haven that delivers excellent treats, such as organic sandwiches, sushi, coffee, smoothies, and salads. Get it to go if you are in a hurry or only have a short break, as they have a speedy take-out service.

Deli With a View: Wallace Station Deli and Bakery

Wallace Station is a town over, close to Midway and near the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It is worth the short trek out for the beautiful surroundings and outstanding fare. Try their irresistible sandwiches made with homemade bread. If you are craving something sweet, then their bakery case is always filled with delicious treats. This is also an exemplary location to grab some breakfast, as they have all of the traditional breakfast fares such as eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc. The Food Network has also featured Wallace Station as a joint that commits to putting local flavor into their food.